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Magna-Glide Delights - Style L - 72yds - Bright Yellow - Jar of 20

Magna-Glide Delights - Style L - 72yds - Bright Yellow - Jar of 20

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Magna-Glide Delights TRILOBAL POLYESTER NO. 40

Consistency: Our patented magnetic-core creates consistent delivery throughout the entire bobbin. No more interruptions for tension adjustments as your bobbin gets smaller. Magnetic-core prevents backlash or over spin + eliminates the need for backlash springs.

Perfect Match: Magna-Glide Delights are produced using our top Glide colors, giving you a perfect match on the bottom & top of every piece you stitch.

High Quality Yarn: Fil-Tec uses only the finest quality, high tenacity polyester yarns to make our patented magnetic-core bobbin.

Clean Running: Advanced EB cross-link technology reduces lint & residual build-up in the bobbin case & tension spring. The result is a more trouble-free bobbin.

Smart Packaging: Packed & distributed in clear stackable jars so that you can see the color in your studio

  • Tex Size Tex. 27
  • Bobbin Brand Magna-Glide Delights
  • Type of Bobbin Magnetic Core
  • Size Style L
  • Jar of 20 bobbins
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