Collection: Glow in the Dark

This material is 1 mm thick and has a soft fabric backing. We recommend that you do not use harsh chemicals on these products as they could break down the material over time. Hand wash and air dry is recommended for Glitter Glow. Sheet size 9 x 12 and rolls are 12 x 54-55″. These are approximate as everything is hand cut. We try to be as close as possible. Glitter Glow is a sealed product like our Sparkles. The glitter will not come off material and has a smooth finish.

Spots and some lines can occur with this type of product. You may see a faint lines or a small dark spot. Please see the detail photos. This is from the glow solution and isn’t considered a defect. The backing on some can also be stained or off white. We have inspected and tested each piece of this product in insure you get the absolute best. NO Refunds for Glow in the dark vinyl.