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Clear-Glide Class 15/A Bobbins

Clear-Glide Class 15/A Bobbins

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60wt. filament polyester thread used for sewing, quilting and embroidery. 1 tube of 8 plastic sided Class 15/A bobbins.

White - 145yds per bobbin
Colors - 135yds per bobbin


Clear-Glide bobbins are produced from high-tenacity polyester filament for maximum strength which results in fewer thread breaks. These bobbins are the product of choice of numerous sewing machine companies who often recommend, use, and or/sell the bobbins. Clear-Glide bobbins are precision wound and provide the user consistent tension resulting in increased stitches per bobbin when compared to competitive bobbins such as ones with paper-sides or machine-wound bobbins.

Designed for computerized domestic sewing and embroidery machines. Virtually lint-free and run cleanly through your machine. Compatible with most thread sensors and relieve operator worries when it comes to running out of bobbin thread. Offers significantly more stitches per bobbin than machine-wound bobbins.

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