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Glisten - Rainbows

Glisten - Rainbows

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Glisten Metallic Wrapped Rayon No. 40 weight (Tex 27) thread is proudly made in the USA. The results are high quality, consistent stitch formation, fewer thread breaks & fewer machine stops. Perfect for Embroidery and Sewing applications. Mini Spool 670m

  • Soft

Glisten has a specialized finish applied to its surface in order to make it extra soft and more resistant to abrasion.

  • Minimal Kink

We eliminate the amount of kink to dramatically reduce the potential for thread breaks and poor stitch quality.

  • Shimmer

Glisten is metallic wrapped-rayon, providing the perfect shimmer for your application.

  • Strength

Customers rely on the superior strength of Glide in fast-paced production environments. Stronger thread translates into fewer thread breaks & less machine downtime.

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