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Organ Needles Embroidery Size 75/11 - 5 Needles Per Pack

Organ Needles Embroidery Size 75/11 - 5 Needles Per Pack

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Organ Embroidery Needles have a light ball tip, which is suitable for embroidery with thick threads, as well as for multi-directional embroidery. Machine embroidery requires multi-directional movements of the needle, which distinguishes embroidery from normal sewing. Multiple different thread movements may result in a twirling of the embroidery thread, and upper thread breakage and missed stitches can result. Equipped with a larger needle eye, Organ Embroidery Needles are good with various weights of embroidery thread. A specially shaped groove contributes to a secure and larger loop formation, which can prevent missed stitches.

Favorite Uses: Great for machine embroidery with lighter weight threads like 60 wt. PolyLite and 50 wt. cottons.

Needle Point: Light Ball Point

Needle Style: Machine

Needle Type: Embroidery

Brand: Organ

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