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Sulky Stabilizer Sampler Pack

Sulky Stabilizer Sampler Pack

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Sulky Stabilizer Sampler Pack includes 19- 8″ x 10″ Stabilizer Sheets and 1 – 4” x 4″ Sheet of Stitch ‘n Seal.

The Sulky Stabilizer Sampler Pack includes one each of the following:

Sulky Cut-Away Stabilizers:

  • Cut-Away Plus
  • Soft ‘n Sheer
  • Fuse ‘n Stitch
  • Soft ‘n Sheer Extra
  • Tender Touch
  • Stitch ‘n Seal

Sulky Cut-Away stabilizers are permanent, providing support during stitching process as well as continued support through laundering and wearing. The excess is trimmed close to the stitching and remains with the project. Home and professional embroiderers use these types of stabilizer for fashion embroidery. Quilters and Creative Machine Artists use these permanent stabilizers for backing in a myriad of techniques.

Sulky Tear-Away Stabilizers:

  • Tear-Easy
  • Totally Stable
  • Sticky+
  • Stiffy

Sulky Tear-Away stabilizers are temporary. They support the stitches during the sewing process and are removed when stitching is complete. Use one more layers, and then tear away the layers separately to project stitches from being pulled or distorted.

Sulky Wash-Away Stabilizers:

  • Solvy
  • Super Solvy
  • Ultra Solvy
  • Paper Solvy
  • Fabri-Solvy
  • Sticky Fabri-Solvy
  • Stick ‘n Stitch

Sulky Wash-Away stabilizers are temporary and easily removed with water. Use as toppers in machine embroidery, as a pattern guide or template for applique, quilting, and even replace fabric by stitching or embroidering directly onto a heavy wash-away stabilizer. Once the stabilizer is removed only the beautiful decorative stitches remain. Think Free Standing Lace Projects.

Sulky Heat-Away Stabilizer

  • Heat Away Clear Film

Sulky Heat-Away stabilizer is temporary. When water is not and option for removing a stabilizer and tearing could damage the stitching or fabric, Heat-Away is an excellent option. It is used as a stitching support for Battenberg lace, cut work, lace work and decorative edging. Sulky Heat-Away stabilizer is appropriately named because you heat it with an iron and brush it away.

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