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The Gypsy Quilter Cotton Batting 12in x 10yds

The Gypsy Quilter Cotton Batting 12in x 10yds

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Tired of leftover batting scraps when working on smaller projects? This 100% cotton batting is designed just for you! This the perfect choice for quilt-as-you-go projects, placemats and table runners. There are 10 yards on a roll, so you can complete multiple projects with just one roll. Since it is needle punched, it can be quilted a maximum of eight inches between quilting lines. Weighing 4-oz. per square yard, it has just enough body to add dimension to your project. This batting can also be floated into all out in the hoop embroidery projects, too! This batting is microwave save in 2 minute increments, up to 6 minutes, when you pair with 100% cotton thread and 100% cotton batting.

  • Made of: Cotton
  • Needle Punched
  • Does Not Contain Scrim
  • Space between stitches: Quilt a max of 8 inches apart, Supports up to 8,000 stitches per layer

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